Upgrade Your Office Look with Antique Office Desk

Office is not a place for boring furniture and cubicle anymore. Nowadays, offices has also try to make its place a comfortable for the employee. This make decorating an office is important, and one of the most popular choice is placing an antique office desk as the centerpiece of the room.

There are a lot of type of unique desk out there to choose and it’s totally depend on which look you want to go with. If you still unsure, here we listed some of popular style of antique office desk that will make your office looks stunning.

  • Butler’s desk

This style comes from 18th century which a short table with some drop-front desk. This table usually have a lot of drawer and letter box. It mostly in simple wooden color but with a beautiful detail in its knobs or corners. It’s not only looks fashionable, it also offers a utilitarian design that can be used as storage to small stuff.

  • Cheveret

Cheveret is known as a small standing desk or writing desk. Even if it’s considered a small desk it also comes with plenty small drawers that can be used as a storage for stationary. It has a slim and tall design that suit if you looking for a decorative table to a small room.

  • Escritoire

Its name derived from French word “ecrire”, which means to write. This low desk developed back in early 18th century which consist some racks above and plenty drawer in the lower side.

That our antique office desk suggestion that surely will upgrade your office look.

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