Ideas of Bathroom Vanity with Sink for Small Space

Bathroom vanity with sink is not only functional but also can make your bathroom looks pretty too. However, it can be difficult to put this item into a small space. But with the right choice of vanities and sink, you can have them too. Here are some ideas for you.

  • A sink that mounted to the wall

To save a lot of space, you can choose a wall mount sink or basins. This way, you don’t need a space for the bulky vanity. But if you think that you will need a vanity, you can opt out a bathroom cabinet instead. This way, you can still have room for storage but with less space required.

  • A corner sink may do the trick

If a wall mounted sink sounds awkward for you, try a corner sink. It can occupy the unused corner space in your bathroom and therefore making your other space in the bathroom free enough to add other features.

  • Shallow vanities

Don’t go for vanities with full cabinets if you have a small space. Try to find a small bathroom vanity with sink that can be easily placed in a small space. The best way to do this is by finding a shallow-depth vanity.

Those are some ideas of how you can get a bathroom vanity with sink for a small bathroom space. Make sure you make a layout plan first before deciding to purchase a bathroom vanity. Be creative because there are actually a lot of things you can do even with a small space.

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