Basic Layout for Kitchen Design

Kitchen probably one of the room that hard to decorate unlike your living room or bedroom. This is due to its function that require space to place cooking-ware as well as enough place to move around. That’s why basic kitchen design is still popular and chosen by a lot of people.

Even though it basic kitchen design it actually consist of some different type of layout. This different layout is the key that make the basic design can be vary and suit everyone differently. You can choose which layout looks best or suit your cooking needs the most.

Here we listed some kitchen layout that can be your inspiration for your future kitchen.

  • One-wall

This kitchen is centered on one side of the wall where all the cooking-ware placed. This layout is good for saving space and good for people who like simplicity.

  • L-shaped

This design also a good choice if you want to save some space in your minimum room. It can be a small or medium-sized kitchen. This design is best if you want to make use of some corner in your room that hasn’t been used.

  • Horseshoe

This design is an improved design of L-shaped kitchen. The addition of two walls with a rectangle counter in between make the kitchen look bigger and can carry more kitchenware as well.

  • Galley kitchen

This one is good if you want to have a lean layout where you can do a quick cooking. The kitchen will located in between of two walls.

So, is there any of the basic kitchen design above suit your style?

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