Ideas of Bathroom Vanity with Sink for Small Space

Bathroom vanity with sink is not only functional but also can make your bathroom looks pretty too. However, it can be difficult to put this item into a small space. But with the right choice of vanities and sink, you can have them too. Here are some ideas for you.

  • A sink that mounted to the wall

To save a lot of space, you can choose a wall mount sink or basins. This way, you don’t need a space for the bulky vanity. But if you think that you will need a vanity, you can opt out a bathroom cabinet instead. This way, you can still have room for storage but with less space required.

  • A corner sink may do the trick

If a wall mounted sink sounds awkward for you, try a corner sink. It can occupy the unused corner space in your bathroom and therefore making your other space in the bathroom free enough to add other features.

  • Shallow vanities

Don’t go for vanities with full cabinets if you have a small space. Try to find a small bathroom vanity with sink that can be easily placed in a small space. The best way to do this is by finding a shallow-depth vanity.

Those are some ideas of how you can get a bathroom vanity with sink for a small bathroom space. Make sure you make a layout plan first before deciding to purchase a bathroom vanity. Be creative because there are actually a lot of things you can do even with a small space.

Upgrade Your Office Look with Antique Office Desk

Office is not a place for boring furniture and cubicle anymore. Nowadays, offices has also try to make its place a comfortable for the employee. This make decorating an office is important, and one of the most popular choice is placing an antique office desk as the centerpiece of the room.

There are a lot of type of unique desk out there to choose and it’s totally depend on which look you want to go with. If you still unsure, here we listed some of popular style of antique office desk that will make your office looks stunning.

  • Butler’s desk

This style comes from 18th century which a short table with some drop-front desk. This table usually have a lot of drawer and letter box. It mostly in simple wooden color but with a beautiful detail in its knobs or corners. It’s not only looks fashionable, it also offers a utilitarian design that can be used as storage to small stuff.

  • Cheveret

Cheveret is known as a small standing desk or writing desk. Even if it’s considered a small desk it also comes with plenty small drawers that can be used as a storage for stationary. It has a slim and tall design that suit if you looking for a decorative table to a small room.

  • Escritoire

Its name derived from French word “ecrire”, which means to write. This low desk developed back in early 18th century which consist some racks above and plenty drawer in the lower side.

That our antique office desk suggestion that surely will upgrade your office look.

Be Fashionable with Geometric Bedding Sets

The way you decorate your bed is basically will show up what kind of personality you have. If you are a very fashionable person than you are most likely have interest to use geometric bedding sets to style up your bed.

Bedding set currently offer not only offer you a comfortable partner of sleep, but also a beautiful sight to your eyes. Geometric pattern has been catching the attention in both fashion and wallpaper print. This pattern is also start gaining popularity as a bedding set print.

If you are wondering about it, here some ideas of geometric bedding sets that worth to try.

  • Triangle pattern

The first is triangle bedding set. This set of triangle-designed bedding is a nice choice especially for teenager or young adult bedroom. The pattern gives a bit of ethnic look but also a nice modern touch.

This pattern comes with a lot of coloring you can choose. There is the classic or soft color like baby pink or baby blue, but can also use bold color such a red, yellow, and blue. The bold colors also will give Moroccan style to the bedding set.

  • Rainbow-colored

If you want a more colorful bedding, try using this rainbow-inspired bed set. This will give you a colorful bedding which will suit your eclectic or hippie-styled bedroom. Rainbow design is not always consist the seven colors of rainbow, it also can be achieved by having a lot of shade of one color.

  • Rich-carved patter

If you looking for something more luxurious, try using a more complex geometric design. This kind of patter will rely on its detailed patter that make it looks luxurious and classy.

That our suggestion on geometric bedding sets you must try to make your bedroom look fashionable.

Gorgeous Floral Design Ideas for Wallpaper

Floral pattern is always a good inspiration for both fashion and home design. If you are currently looking for ideas to make your room instantly looks fashionable, maybe you can try having floral design wallpaper on your wall.

Right below we compile a list of gorgeous-looking floral design wallpaper that will make your room stunningly beautiful.

  • Eclectic design

First you can try some eclectic-styled wallpaper which contain flower in some different style in one wallpaper. This type of wallpaper design offer you an endless boldness that won’t bore you in a long time.

  • Large flower design

If having a great artwork in your wall make you satisfied, then consider having a wallpaper with extremely large flower design. This wallpaper makes you feel like having an extra-large flower painting right in your wall.

  • Spring-like pattern

If you want to decorate your room for spring season, you can try using some spring-inspired flower wallpaper. This wallpaper will goes well with your living flower decoration and make your spring even more glowing.

  • Rich-colored

Another choice is you can choose rich-colored flower wallpaper. This design will offer you a bold yet classy wall that goes well with your other luxurious-styled furniture.

  • Feminine style

If you want to have a room that emphasize on your feminine side, you can use floral wallpaper as well. There are plenty pink or pastel-colored designs that will suit your girly taste.

Here some ideas to fashion your wall up using floral design wallpaper, is there anything that suit you?

Advantages of Owning a Mini Indoor Greenhouse

Greenhouse is always appealing to people who enjoy gardening, but it’s not something that can easily be owned because it takes cost and space. Lately this problem start to get solved by the innovation of mini indoor greenhouse.

This mini indoor greenhouse has a lot to offer, and here some of its advantages.

  • It cost less

We all agree that having actual greenhouse in your backyard is cost too much. You need to have a large yard to begin with and it almost as expensive as building a real house. In addition it also need constant maintenance to keep the greenhouse clean and useable. This maintenance is of course will cost you more in a long run.

  • It serves as decoration

This super little greenhouse can be placed right in your living room’s table, besides your bedroom’s window, or wherever you want to place it. This greenhouse also can become one of your room decoration, and most likely be the center attention whenever someone comes to visit your home.

  • It nice to plant

It’s not only good as decoration, it also can be used as actual greenhouse. Yu can grow your favorite flower or flower that suits your room style in it. You might only plant one or two small flowers in it, but it also mean you can save time for take care of it.

  • Can be relocated

It’s small and compact, which mean you can relocate it or save it in another room easily.

Those are some of the advantages of owning a mini indoor greenhouse which we believe will change your mind.

Basic Layout for Kitchen Design

Kitchen probably one of the room that hard to decorate unlike your living room or bedroom. This is due to its function that require space to place cooking-ware as well as enough place to move around. That’s why basic kitchen design is still popular and chosen by a lot of people.

Even though it basic kitchen design it actually consist of some different type of layout. This different layout is the key that make the basic design can be vary and suit everyone differently. You can choose which layout looks best or suit your cooking needs the most.

Here we listed some kitchen layout that can be your inspiration for your future kitchen.

  • One-wall

This kitchen is centered on one side of the wall where all the cooking-ware placed. This layout is good for saving space and good for people who like simplicity.

  • L-shaped

This design also a good choice if you want to save some space in your minimum room. It can be a small or medium-sized kitchen. This design is best if you want to make use of some corner in your room that hasn’t been used.

  • Horseshoe

This design is an improved design of L-shaped kitchen. The addition of two walls with a rectangle counter in between make the kitchen look bigger and can carry more kitchenware as well.

  • Galley kitchen

This one is good if you want to have a lean layout where you can do a quick cooking. The kitchen will located in between of two walls.

So, is there any of the basic kitchen design above suit your style?

Inspiring Decks Around Above Ground Pools Pictures

Do you looking for decks around above ground pools pictures? If you do, then we assume that you are interesting to find out more about above ground pools. This type of pool has gained some attention lately, especially from people who like to have dreamy oasis-like place in their backyard.

Swimming pool is always considered a fun place to hang out, and if you have a chance to have it, you should have it. If you are still looking for a reason why having this type of pool is better than ordinary pools, then you are in the right place, because we are about to tell you the reasons.

  • It least expensive

Above the ground pools are considered cheaper and cost-effective compare to in-ground pools. This reason is probably what makes this option getting more popular these days.

  • It easier to install

Nothing more compelling than a pool that can be used not long after you start installing it.

  • It considered safer

This above the ground pools are also considered safer because it won’t be easily reachable by kids or pets. This will reduce the risk of accident or another unexpected event.

  • It can hold a deck

You can add a decks around above ground pools to make it even more dreamy. This addition will make your pool feels more exotic and summer-like.

So, if you are looking for decks around above ground pools pictures and wonder why you have to have it right away, we hope our ideas answered your question.

Unique Table Bases for Glass Table

In recent decade table is not only focused on its functional side but also its looks. One of the look that have been catching everyone attention is the idea of unique table bases.

Glass table surface is offering more than solid and luxurious-looking table, it also make you able to see the table base underneath. This fact then make a new opportunity to enhance table’s look. It’s not only focused on the surface but also can be modified under.

Here some unique table bases if you want to have an extraordinary glass table.

  • Round wood base

This base suitable for round glass dining table. The shape is good for having discussion or just gathering with friends around it.

  • Cube wood base

This awesome looking cubicle is also an interesting option. The shape is considered modern while the wood’s texture will give a traditional hint. This will suit if you want to style your room in eclectic way.

  • Custom metal or bronze base

If you want a more modern-styled base then consider some unique custom metal or bronze bases. Unlike ordinary table base, these custom bases are come with a lot of aesthetic design and sometimes even a figure or sculpture.

Here some simple ideas of unique table bases to boost your glass table’s look.

Outdoor Dining Table and Chairs for Active Family

Patio furniture or also known as outdoor furniture is a must-have for active people.  It suits family who like spending time outside their home. There are many types of patio furniture and one of the most useful are a set of outdoor dining table chairs.

Here some ideas on why having outdoor dining table chairs will be more than just having a good decorations.

  • It a fully-working furniture

The set of table and chairs will definitely work as much as your furniture inside the house. You can totally use them to sit around with family or treating your guests, in addition you got an outdoor sight.

  • Great place to enjoy gardens

If you own a flower garden or even a ponds, patio furniture will definitely help you enjoy them more. Waiting for sunset while looking at your garden and sipping tea sound perfect, right?

  • It offers great durability

It designed for outdoor use, that’s mean patio furniture must be able to endure rains or sunlight. This means you don’t have to worry if the furniture will break easily just by using it couple times.

  • Kids love them

Most kids get bored easily, that’s why having a fun outdoor place to hang out will be an advantages. This place also can be a great place to have a playdate or having motoric activities, such as drawing or story-telling.

Here some ideas on how patio furniture is great for active family.

Get Ideas for Kitchen Table in Gardenweb Site

If you consider to re-decorate your kitchen then you have to consider decorating your kitchen table. Kitchen table is the centerpiece that will have a lot possible decoration you might put in. In case you want to know more you can try kitchen table gardenweb design on the internet.

Gardenweb is well-known community site that usually host forum for discussing about home design. The topic held here totally differ in a huge range, from small bathroom decor to some gardening experiences. This site also one of the most recognized home design site out there that have been helping people decorating their home.

This site is offering more than just tips but also interactive connection that proved to be helpful for many of its members. You can share your concern with other members, which make it easy for a beginner. You can also help other members by sharing your knowledge and experiences, this way you can also advancing your home designing ability.

In this site you can also find some kitchen table gardenweb inspired design from all around the world, shared by other fellow members. It will give you a whole set of new idea that will make you always want to decorate your kitchen more.